Wanna Be My Next Ex-Girlfriend
Words and Music by Craig Manganello

Verse (C-F-G)
Wanna be my next ex-girlfriend
We can skip a fight or two
We should forget about living together
Lets just fast forward to the bad news

Chorus (F-G-C)
Wanna be my next ex-girlfriend
There's a chance you'd like me too
Wanna be my next ex-girlfriend
Sooner than later would be good

Verse (C-F-G)
You could wear my concert t-shirt
Answer my cellphone when my friends call
Leave your toothbrush in my bathroom
I'll leave the seat up so you fall


Bridge (Dm-C-Dm-Am-F-G)
How many times have you told me
How polite it would be to put the seat down
How many times have I told you
I just don't care

Solo ala Verse
Chorus (chopped)
Chorus Out