Coffee and You
Words and Music by Craig Manganello
Capo 2nd Fret

Verse (G-D-C-D)
I love to start my morning
With a little coffee and you
Cause you're my angel
And there's nothing better to do

I love to watch the sunrise
As you're lying next to me
Through the open window
And the feel of the ocean breeze

Chorus (C-D-C-D)
It's never a bad time
When it's coffee and you
Never a moment lost
Swilling caffeine and talking to you

Verse (G-D-C-D)
Watching the sunset
Isn't hard to do
Sitting here on our porch
Rocking next to you

I listen to your day
You tell it like it was
With a little twisted smile
As you realize it's all fun

Solo ala Verse
Chorus Out